Name Description  

Skipper was adopted at the Feline Flair July 11th !

Simon Simon has been adopted from PawZazz ! Simon
Simba Simba has been adopted! Simba
Shylo Shylo has been adopted by PawZazz ! Shylo
Shepherd Shepherd has been adopted ! Shepherd
Shadow Shadow has been adopted ! Shadow
Scooter Scooter has been adopted by Petra as the office cat ! Scooter
Schmokey Schmokey has been adopted by PawZazz ! Schmokey
Sasha Sasha has been adopted ! Sasha
Sammy Sammy has been adopted ! Sammy
Rusty Rusty has been adopted ! Rusty
Ross Ross has been adopted from PetSmart ! Ross
Robby Robby has been adopted!

I'm still a baby at 8 months old and ready to play.

I was lost and alone and just happened on a home one day with a very nice lady who called EARS.  They did all sorts of unmentionable things to me, which means I've had shots and a little snip and now I'm ready to find a family of my own.  Please call EARS to meet me.  You won't be sorry!

Reno Reno has been adopted from PawZazz. Reno
Rambo Rambo and Adrian have been adopted from PetSmart ! Rambo
Rachael Rachael has been adopted ! Rachael
Puffy Puffy has packed her bags and moved to Venice to live with a wonderful family ! Puffy
Professor Professor was adopted at the Feline Flair July 11th ! Professor
Olliver Olliver has been adopted ! Olliver
Oliver Oliver has been adopted ! Oliver